Wedding Photos

Would you rather preserve your memories in stills? Want that perfect photo to send out to all the relatives? Rhettoric Media can give you the set of wedding photos you’ve always dreamed of.

In vivid color or nostalgic black and white, we can photograph your wedding to give you the look you desire. Want to pose with your significant other by some scenic locals, or would you rather snap everything as it happens? How about a little of both? Whatever your wants, we will work with you to make sure your special day gets captured just the way you want it.

Using a top of the line film camera, your photos will be preserved on both film and CD to make sure they never age. The clarity of a regular frame of film is much crisper and vivid than any digital photo, so you know you’ll be getting the best.

Snapping the pictures is one thing, but editing is a whole other opportunity. Have some blemishes you want removed? Want to make that grey cloudy day look bluer? We can go over the snaps, photo by photo, and make all the changes to make sure the pictures come out even better than when they were taken.

After they are edited, we can put them onto CD’s or DVD’s, make little montages to show friends and family, and much more. Check out some of our sample photos, then give us a call. If you want professional photography services from Rhettoric Media, just say “I do!”

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