Corporate Stills

Is your company digital camera just not cutting it? Do you want professional-looking photographs to help boost your corporate image? Looking for some stills to throw into ad templates? Rhettoric Media has the perfect solution for you.

Using professional Canon SLR equipment, Rhettoric Media will snap you just the photos you need - with the top quality you require. Shot on film, it gives your pictures the contrast, depth and clarity that digital cameras just can't produce. We can snap your stills in your work environment, or bring in talent of our own to bring you the best quality.

Like with our other services, you'll get your product in whatever format you require. Glossy stills or digital files, it's up to you!

We've worked for some of the biggest institutions in Calgary, so your investment is safe with us. Check out our samples, think about what you want, then email or give us a call. We can meet, give you a competetive quote, and you'll be on your way to marketing success!

Rhettoric Media . 403.470.1838 .