Wedding Videos

You've got it all planned out. The dress, the locations and the swan-folded napkins. It is going to be the perfect wedding - but after the "I Do's" it's gone. Make sure you remember your wedding - have Rhettoric Media document it for you.

With a multi-camera crew, we'll be able to document all your significants as they happen - from cutting the cake to throwing the bouquet. Want less shots of you, and more of the family? Or how about plenty of wide shots to showcase that perfect panorama you set your wedding around? We'll sit down with you and work out all the details, so when the special day comes, you can spend all your time worrying about how you'll look in the video, rather than how it's going to turn out!

It doesn't just stop at the wedding though. We can get before and after testimonials with friends and family, get shots of the new house or wedding gifts, or whatever other ideas you have planned before or after the special date. We'll iron everything out with you - so you'll have the perfect wedding video to go along with your perfect wedding.

Have a special song you want to hear, or a moving montage you want to see in the video? We'll keep you in the lieu in editing to make sure you can tweak the video any which way you want.

Want to send the video out to a bunch of friends and family? Rhettoric Media will make up all the labels and press each disc, tape or online video with the look to make it extra special.

See a samples from our previous wedding video, and be the next to give your wedding the Rhettoric make-over. Call us, email us, get in touch, and we'll work with you on your own affordable wedding video alternative.

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