Super8/vhs-to-dvd Transfer

Have piles of Super8 film or VHS tapes of old home movies taking up space? Want to preserve them forever on DVD? Rhettoric Media can take all your old footage from several different formats, and put them all together in neat and tidy DVDs.

Using high quality cleaning and capturing techniques, we’ll make sure you old movies will look as good or better on archival DVD. They’ll be easy to access too, with custom, indexed menus, all tailored to your needs. We can organize your home video on DVD chronologically, by person, place, or whatever way you see fit.

Since we convert all the old footage digitally, it will be easy to extract your favorite clips and moments into computer files small enough to send through email. Need to whip up a slide show of old footage for the next big family anniversary? We can do that too, scored to your favorite music.

Having transferred thousands of hours worth of home footage on various formats (both professionally and personally), Rhettoric Media knows how important those captured memories are. We’re a nostalgic bunch, and nothing pleases us more than preserving those old film memories. Check out some samples, and then contact us to clean-up, clear out and preserve your home video clutter!

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