Corporate Videos

Looking to promote your company on disc or on the web? Introducing a new product, company or program? Need a short video that explains who you are or what you do? Want to hand out video-loaded memory sticks or DVD's at your next social function? Then look no further, Rhettoric Media speaks your language.

Utilizing state-of-the-art HD cameras and editing facilities, Rhettoric Media can ensure you get the best quality product. And our services don't just start there. If you hire us on for your next corporate video, we'll be with you right from the start. We'll write your piece to your specifications, hire the talent to bring your words to life, and employ a crew that will execute everything with panache.

After we've finished planning and shooting your video, we'll make sure you get the input you need in the editing process. With custom sounds, music and effects to your specifications, we'll ensure the video is just the way you envisioned it. Then, when completed, you'll have a choice of how you want it delivered. Do you want it loaded on a memory stick with your company logo? Burned to a DVD? Or how about a small business card that can be played in any CD player? The options are endless...your biggest problem will be picking just what to do!

We've worked for some of the biggest institutions in Calgary, so your investment is safe with us. Check out our samples, think about what you want, then email or give us a call. We can meet, give you a competitive quote, and you'll be on your way to marketing success!

Rhettoric Media . 403.470.1838 .