Software Installation

Is your computer running sluggish? Want to clear it all off and start anew? Or how about backup all your old footage before the next virus leaves you with nothing but blank CDs? Rhettoric Media can personally come install on, backup or format your computer.

Whether you’re running a PC or a Mac it is no matter, we’ve got the trained personnel to deal with any software configuration. We can put all your personal documents onto CDs or DVDs, or we can reload all your software from CDs and DVDs back to your computer. Vice or versa, we’ve got you covered.

Afraid your next upgrade to Windows Vista or Mac OS X is going to leave you without your most important files? Call us first to make sure you’ll be in good shape. At Rhettoric Media we do more than just create videos and pictures, we make sure your setup will be good, clear and ready to play them!

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