"Rhett has demonstrated a well-rounded combination of soft skills and creative talent in the work he has done for SAIT Polytechnic. Last spring, SAIT was asked to deliver a short customized film and video course to students from a local high school. Rhett was recommended by his instructors to develop and teach this course. He performed so well that I put his name forward again to teach a workshop in the Summer at SAIT program.

In late fall, when we needed a short promotional video produced on short notice to promote SAIT’s new Information Technology and Engineering Technology programs, Rhett’s name topped the list. He completed a dynamic and creative video in just a few weeks, on budget and ahead of deadline. Because he is skilled and talented in every area from producing and writing to camera and editing, and because he works so well with client, crew and talent, Rhett will be a force to watch in this industry."
-Dick Bourne, Academic Coordinator, SAIT Polytechnic

Rhettoric Media . 403.470.1838 .