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So you like what you’ve read, and want to contact us. Or maybe you just want someone to talk old movies with. Whatever the case, here’s how you can reach us:

Rhettoric Media

Phone: 403.470.1838
Fax: 403.210.1970
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Since every client is going to have their own set of needs and require a different amount of services from us, each price is going to be relative. Call us or email us about your media needs, and then we’ll shoot you back a quote on what this sort of thing will cost. In your correspondence, make sure to specify as much information as possible, like who you are, what you need, how much you need and when you need it. That way we’ll quote you quicker and better, and you can be on your way to a successful media project!

Rhettoric Media . 403.470.1838 .