About Us

Rhettoric Media is owned and maintained by creator Rhett Miller. Aside from his affinity for bad puns, Rhett is a schooled and accomplished artist in his own right. Rhett holds a Bachelors of Communication Studies from the University of Calgary, and Film/Video diploma from SAIT Polytechnic. He's a keener too - winning the Silver Medallion for highest academic average in his graduating faculty. Valedictorian in high school, winner of the Governor General's award, student council president, and many other self-congratulatory accolades early on have helped Rhett on a path to success. He knows how to succeed, and with Rhettoric Media, he wants his clients to experience that same level of creative success.

Rhett's media training started at an early age. Propped in front of Disney cartoons rather than playing in his backyard, he developed an obsession with media and storytelling. Dialing-in to the internet a few years later (at a time when even IBM didn't have a website), he immediately took an interest in print and computing media. Making his own little movies in junior high got him his first taste behind the camera, and he hasn't looked back since. He's had his work accepted in the Calgary International Film Festival, and has written at length about film and the industry for various newspapers and ezines.

Rhett's path to creating Rhettoric Media was laid out after a year spent doing media services in too many fields to count. Contracted to make corporate videos, design websites, setup home theaters, transfer home videos, shoot weddings, make powerpoints, assist camera in the film industry and write professionally, all in the span of a few months, Rhett realized the need to combine all these diverse needs under one unified roof. The aim now, with Rhettoric Media, is to offer a one-stop media solution, rather than having to find different specialty houses to do each and every segment of your media needs. Considering the way media is continually being integrated with music on your computer and computers in your music players, the need for a unified media solution is all the more important.

Rhettoric Media combines services and skillsets to help save you time and money. When they're not doing that, Rhettoric Media is probably searching for meaning in some obscure Italian arthouse film. For Rhettoric Media, media is life.

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